Art Gallery



Welcome to my art gallery. Here, you will find a slide-show retrospective of many of my pictures. I hope you enjoy them. Should you form a particular attachment to any, please phone or email me and we can discuss prices and availability or just arrange to meet for a coffee.

The originals can be oil pastel, oil or acrylic paint, pencil, crayon or watercolour on paper, board or canvas (see individual picture descriptions for medium, size and availability). Most can be purchased as high quality limited editions giclee prints in various sizes. I can also produce cards of the images to order.  Or,  you can commission me to paint for you.



What is a giclee print?

My printer, Chris Mercier, says: ” Giclée is a French word meaning squirt or spray and although it describes the inkjet printing process succinctly, the term first came into use to describe "Iris" prints or high quality digital proofs for lithographic printers that could mimic the inking profile of a wet proof.
The currently held criteria to describe a giclee print is that it should be printed at a high resolution and using pigmented inks that are lightfast, water-fast and are transferred by inkjet onto an archival substrate such as an acid free paper or canvas.” You can read more on his website: www.printmaker.co.uk.



I say: “Having spent many years working in children’s television, animating stories and finding ways to reinterpret ideas and educational concepts to communicate them in that medium, my paintings appear mostly figurative, easy on the eye and clear. They seem to be almost illustration-like, but they are not. My pictures are not ‘who-done-its’. They represent unresolved, imagined scenes, moments in sequences of events which have yet to take place or will never happen.  But, just as our brains try to see faces in foliage and try to make sense of abstract scribbles, we have a compulsion to make sense of the situations we are presented with. This is the human condition, the need to understand. So, I hope these abstract narratives will inspire you to have fun imagining exactly what they mean... to you.”



All text and images © Peter Lang - 2014